The European turbulence conference gathers every two years the community of scientists involved in the study of turbulence, from fundamental physics issues to applied fluid mechanics – usually over 450 participants. Eight outstanding contributors are the central invited speakers, and 5 sessions are run in parallel.

The first ETC meeting took place in 1986 at the Ecole Centrale, in Lyon. For the 14th edition and 25th anniversary of this very successful event, the Euromech Committee has again selected Lyon.

Host: ENS de Lyon

Scientific Committee: Detlef Lohse [ETC Chair] (U. Twente), Eberhard Bodenschatz (MPI Göttingen), Carlo Casciola (La Sapienza, Roma), Stephan Fauve (ENS de Paris), Yury Kachanov (Novosibirsk), Dan Henningson (KTH Stockholm), Rich Kerswell (U. Bristol), Szymon P. Malinowski (U. Warsaw), Jean-François Pinton (CNRS - ENS de Lyon), Neil Sandham (U. Southampton).

Local Organization Committee: Jean-François Pinton (CNRS - ENS de Lyon), Mickael Bourgoin (CNRS - Université de Grenoble), Laurent Chevillard (ENS de Lyon), Fabien Godeferd (CNRS - EC Lyon), Nicolas Mordant (Université de Grenoble), Aurore Naso (CNRS - EC Lyon), Alain Pumir (CNRS - ENS de Lyon), Romain Volk (ENS de Lyon).

Important dates to come:

Opening of abstract submissions: October 2012 Deadline for abstract submissions: January 8th, 2013 Notification of acceptance: March 1st, 2013 Opening of registrations: March 15th, 2013 Deadline for early registration: May 31st, 2013

Invited speakers

  1. Axel Brandenburg (Nordita, Sweden)
  2. Roberto Camussi (Roma Tre University, Italy)
  3. Francois Daviaud (CEA, France)
  4. Arne V. Johansson (KTH Stockholm, Sweden)
  5. Rich Kerswell (University of Bristol, U.K.)
  1. Szymon P. Malinowski (Warsaw University, Poland)
  2. Beverly J. McKeon (CalTech, Pasadena, U.S.A.)
  3. Haitao Xu (MPI Goettingen, Germany)

The principal topics of ETC14 include but are not limited to:

  1. Acoustics of turbulent flows
  2. MHD turbulence
  3. Atmospheric turbulence
  4. Reacitng and compressible turbulence
  5. Control of turbulent flows
  6. Transport and mixing
  7. Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence
  8. Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows
  1. Instability and transition
  2. Vortex dynamics and structure formation
  3. Intermittency and scaling
  4. Wall bounded flows
  5. Large eddy simulation and related techniques
  6. Turbulent combustion
  7. Lagrangian aspects of turbulence
  8. Turbulence in superfluids

Previous Conferences:

ETC1, Lyon 1986

M.P. Berge, U. Schumann, H. Fiedler, J.T. Stuart, H.K. Moffat and P. Perrier

ETC2, Berlin 1988

F.H. Busse, P.H. Alfredsson, B.E. Launder, G. Ooms, D.J. Thomson and U. Frisch

ETC3, Stockholm 1990

D. Bechert, Y. Gagne, J. Jiménes, M.T. Landahl, C.H. Priddin and G.M. Zaslavsky

ETC4, Delft 1992

W. Eckhaus, A.J. Libchaber, L. Katgerman, F. Durst, M. Lesieur, B. Legras, D.G Dritschel
and P. Bradshaw

ETC5, Siena 1994

R. Adrian, G. Parisi, D. Henningsson, Y. Couder, I.L. Rhyming, B. Dubrulle, J. Hunt and L. Kleiser

ETC6, Lausanne 1996

J.-P. Bonnet, M.V. Casey, S. Ciliberto, C.-M Ho and L. van Wijngaarden

ETC7, Saint­Jean Cap Ferrat 1998

S. Fauve, E.J. Hopfinger, P.A. Monkewitz, L.P. Kadanoff, P.-L. Viollet, H.K. Moffat, K. Gawedzki
and A.M. Yaglom

ETC8, Barcelona 2000

J.L. Lumley, B. Castaing, F.T.M. Nieuwstadt, P.F. Linden, P. Moin, Jiménez, S. Kida, B. Benzi
and P. Huerre

ETC9, Southampton 2002

J.-M. Chomaz, J. Kim, A.P. Dowling, L. Biferale, E. Lindborg, T.R. Bewley, B. Eckhardt and N. Peters

ETC10, Trondheim 2004

Y. Kaneda, N.D. Sandham, Z. Warhaft, C. Cambon, T.S. Lundgren, S.B. Pope, G. Bofetta
and D.S. Henningson

ETC11, Porto 2007

H. Xu, U. Piomelli, G.J.F. van Heijst, R. Piva, R. Friedrich, T. Ogasawara, P.J. Schmid and C. Meneveau

ETC12, Marburg 2009

N. Kasagi, F. Toschi, A. Celani, K.-Q. Xia, N.A. Adams, S. Fauve, Ian Castro and C.B. Doering

ETC13, Warsaw 2011

M. Bourgoin, S. Elghobashi, G. Falkovich, B. Geuts, I. Marusic, J. Schumacher, R. Shaw, L. Skrebek