European Turbulence Conference 14

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The complex unsteady flow within a fluid filled annulus and its transition to turbulence

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The analysis of turbulence in transient flows has applications across a broad range of fields. The flow of fluid in a toroidal container is a paradigm for studying the complex dynamics due to the turbulence in these transient flows. We consider both the ‘spin-up’ problem, in which the toroidal container is spun up from rest to a constant angular frequency, and the ‘spin-down problem’, in which the system is already in a state of rigid-body rotation and is spun down linearly to rest. These two approaches allow us to examine the development of an impulsively generated axisymmetric boundary-layer, adjacent to the interior annular wall, its subsequent instability and the larger scale transient features within this class of flows.


Sophie Calabretto    
The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Jim Denier    
The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Trent Mattner    
The University of Adelaide


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