European Turbulence Conference 14

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Patterned turbulence and relaminarization in MHD pipe and duct flows

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We present results of numerical analysis of relaminarization processes in MHD ducts and pipes flows at moderate values of the Reynolds and Hartmann numbers. The analysis also pursues a historical purpose of reproducing Julius Hartmann’s experiments on flows of mercury in pipes and ducts under the influence of magnetic fields. The computed critical parameters for the laminar-turbulent transition as well as the friction coefficients are in excellent agreement with Hartmann’s data. The simulations provide a first detailed view of flow structures that are experimentally inaccessible. Novel flow regimes with localized turbulent spots near the side walls parallel to the magnetic field are discovered.


Dmitry Krasnov    
TU Ilmenau

Oleg Zikanov    
University of Michigan-Dearborn
United States

Thomas Boeck    
TU Ilmenau


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