European Turbulence Conference 14

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Experimental measurements of dilute polymer solutions in a Von Karman swirling flow

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Understanding the ways in which non-Newtonian fluids modify turbulent flows is relevant to many natural and industrial processes. Although skin-friction drag reduction in turbulent wall-bounded flows has been studied for over fifty years, there is compar- atively little data on the effect of complex fluids on bulk turbulence far from the wall. To begin to fill this gap, we present measurements of the modification of bulk turbulence by small amounts of long-chain polymers in a von Kármán swirling flow. To complement exist- ing work, we focus on Lagrangian measurements in order to characterize in detail the changes to the flow statistics.


Alexandre de Chaumont Quitry    
Yale University
United States

Nicholas Ouellette    
Yale University
United States


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