European Turbulence Conference 14

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The Influence of the Fluid Acceleration Term on the Simulation of a Particle-laden Compressible Jet with Shock waves

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A particle-laden compressible round jet is studied using direct numerical
simulation and an Eulerian-Lagrangian point-particle approach is used
to model fluid and particle phase. For this purpose, the particle motion
is calculated by Newton's law and a two-way coupling mechanism describes
interaction between the two-phases. Our specific objective is to
investigate the importance of the fluid acceleration term on the particle
equations when strong gradients are present. Expectedly, the
results indicate the importance of this term in regions where the shock
waves occur. In these regions, the force due to the fluid
acceleration shows to be at least
three times bigger than the drag force due to steady fluid motion. We
performed two simulations: one with the fluid acceleration presented in
the particle equation and another where this term is omitted.
The results show that the particles computed without this term
substantially lag the changes of the properties of the fluid,
than the simulation where this term is present.


Flavia Cavalcanti Miranda    
TU Berlin

Arne Heinrich    
TU Berlin

Jörn Sesterhenn    
TU Berlin


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