European Turbulence Conference 14

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Detailed inner structure of double-diffusive intrusions

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The inner structure of the double-diffusive intrusions emerge from a density-compensating thermohaline front is examined in numerical simulations and laboratory experiments. In the two-dimensional direct numerical simulations which can explicitly resolve finger and diffusive convections, a reversal of the slope of the intrusions is observed as the density differences for one component, which by definition is compensated by the other component, across the front, increases. The reversal is found to be caused by a number of qualitative changes in flow structure, which in turn is controlled by the activity of finger and diffusive convections and their vertical density transport in the intrusive layers. These results are also confirmed in the laboratory version of the experiments, which use two sugar and salt stratifications.


Takashi Noguchi    
Kyoto University

Hiroshi Niino    
The University of Tokyo


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