European Turbulence Conference 14

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Large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows on composite multi-resolution grids by the lattice Boltzmann method

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In order to properly address the large-eddy simulation (LES) of complex (weakly compressible) turbulent flows, the lattice Boltzmann method, originally designed for simple structured grids, needs to be extended to composite multi-domain/multi-resolution grids. Therefore, specific conditions need to be specified to determine the mapping of statistical information (about the populations of moving particles) at the interface between two domains. These conditions should in particular account for the subgrid-scale turbulent dynamics. Original mapping conditions based on physical arguments are introduced and tested in the simulation of turbulent channel flows at high Reynolds numbers. The comparison with both reference DNS and LES (based on finite-volume discretization) data show
the high capability of the Lattice Boltzmann method to handle large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows.


Hatem Touil    
ENS de Lyon


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