European Turbulence Conference 14

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Growth and collapse of a finite patch of stratified turbulence

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Mixing across lines of constant density is one of the most important aspects of ocean turbulence. In the current study, experiments have been performed on a finite patch of turbulence in stable stratification. A finite grid is vertically oscillated to create the three-dimensional patch of turbulence and measurements are made during the growth and collapse of the patch. The growth of the patch is limited at approximately the same point as previous studies on one- and two-dimensional patches. Previous studies have suggested that the mixing characteristics of the patch are determined by the interaction between the turbulent flow and the ambient flow near the patch boundaries. The spatial data obtained in the current study are analysed in the context of the turbulent flow field near the boundaries of the patch.


Zachary Taylor    
Tel Aviv University

Alexander Liberzon    
Tel Aviv University

Peter Diamessis    
Cornell University
United States

Roi Gurka    
Ben-Gurion University


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