European Turbulence Conference 14

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Large-eddy simulation of channel gas-particle flow induced by wall injection with forced pressure oscillations

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A numerical analysis of the internal flow is performed to improve the current understanding and modelling capabilities of the complex flow characteristics encountered in combustion chambers of solid rocket motors (SRMs) in presence of forced pressure oscillations. The two-phase flow is simulated with a combined Eulerian–Lagrangian approach using large-eddy simulation. The filtered Navier–Stokes equations are solved numerically for the gas phase. The particulate phase is simulated through a Lagrangian deterministic and stochastic tracking models to provide particle trajectories and volume fraction of particulate phase. The results obtained highlight the crucial significance of the particle dispersion in turbulent flow and high potential of statistical methods. Strong coupling between acoustic oscillations, vortical motion, turbulent fluctuations and particle dynamics is observed.


Konstantin Volkov    
Kingston University
United Kingdom

Vladislav Emelyanov    
Baltic State Technical University
Russian Federation


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