European Turbulence Conference 14

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Hall effects on energy transfer of isotropic MHD turbulence

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Hall effects on inter-scale energy transfer and energy exchange between the kinetic and magnetic energies in decaying homogeneous and isotropic magneto-hydrodynamic turbulence are studied by means of direct numerical simulations. Energy transfer analysis reveals that the introduction of the Hall term to the induction equation brings about enhancement of the forward energy flux in the momentum equations. The Hall term also changes the spatial structures drastically. Properties of the energy transfer/flux functions which should be responsible to the change of the spatial structures and possibilities to replace the small scales of turbulence by a dissipative sub-grid-scale model for large eddy simulations are discussed.


Hideaki Miura    
National Institute for Fusion Science

Keisuke Araki    
Okayama University of Science


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